Engraving Services

We use three processes to engrave (imprint) our products.

Computer Engraving

We use a computerized diamond drag engraver to engrave on metals. The diamond tip creates very fine lines (V-shaped grooves) into the surface of the metal. On the smallest pieces we will suggest using single-line fonts for readability and neatness. As the size of the piece increases, we suggest using 2-line or 3-line fonts to help widen the letter size.

This machine also has a motorized rotary spindle for routing plastics and some metals.


Laser Engraving

We use a 50-watt CO2  laser engraver for surface engraving on wood products, glass, acrylics, coated metals and plastics. It is also an excellent tool for cutting custom shapes or holes in plastics. The laser can create thicker lettering than the diamond tip mentioned above. This has been quite popular in designing highly readable plaques and acrylic awards.



Sublimation is a process where colors can be transferred to MDF (hardboard), FRP (plastic) and specially coated metals. The sublimation inks are printed onto a specific paper that, when heated and pressed into specially coated products, releases the inks into the coating on the those products. After cooling, the coating hardens and the colors are permanently bonded to the product. These make attractive and vibrant plaques, name badges, bag tags and a number of personalized gifts.