If you need to recognize employees for their service, our acrylic awards might be just what you are looking for.  Acrylic awards have the look of glass and the dependable staying power of plastic. We are proud to offer a large selection of the best acrylic awards available today with new lines being added regularly. Our acrylic awards are available at a number of price levels, making them suitable for a wide range of recognition opportunities. Acrylic awards are available as plaques for hanging on the wall or in a number of shapes designed to stand on desktops, counters or shelves. There are a number of color options which are sure to please anyone one your list. Prices shown include engraving, and we will send a proof for your approval upon request. We strive to make awards a rewarding experience for both recipients and presenters.

Enter our virtual showroom to see all the acrylic options available for your special event.

    • Jade Arch Acrylic

      Arch Acrylic – jade


      These are 3/4-inch thick acrylics on a slanted base. Always a point of geometric grandeur, the arch will make perfect…

    • Marbled Arch Acrylic

      Arch Acrylic – marbled


      These are 3/4-inch thick clear acrylics mounted on slant-front bases.. Each piece features a marbleized facade that has a frosty…

    • Black Diamond Acrylic

      Arrow Acrylic – black


      This is a striking 1-inch thick free-standing award whose shape makes optimum use of light reflection. The piece is a…

    • Blue Diamond Acrylic

      Arrow Acrylic – blue


      This is a striking 1-inch thick free-standing award whose shape makes optimum use of light reflection. The piece is a…

    • Arrow Acrylic – impress


      Here is another gem in the Impress line. One-inch thick clear acrylic sits atop a highly-polished black base, topped with…

    • Arrow Acrylic – mirror accent


      Point me to the winner! The body of this acrylic is coated with either black or blue, which allows for…

    • Arrowhead Acrylic – impress


      Your recipients will have anything but the blues when they receive these striking awards! The body of this acrylic is…

    • Billboard Acrylic – aqua


      This is a stunning 1-inch thick acrylic on a sturdy base. The left side is a blue gradient fill that…

    • Billboard Acrylic – impress


      The Impress reflects light off its brightly colored foiled base throughout rectangular billboard, giving the illusion of a halo around…

    • Billboard Acrylic - jade

      Billboard Acrylic – jade


      These are 1-inch thick free-standing jade acrylics that will be welcome on any desk or shelf. (Perfect for retirement or…

    • Billboard Acrylic – marbled


      Economical and attractive! These are 3/4-inch thick clear acrylic, with marble design insets, set in solid walnut bases. They come…

    • Billboard Acrylic with Jewel Accents


      This free-standing acrylic award is sure to wipe away your blues! The body of this acrylic is clear with a…

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