Glass Art

Glass Art

This is the collection for those with discriminating taste.

Each piece is unique, literally a work of art. Styles in this collection range from stained glass to glass sculptures.

Due to the unique qualities and the intricate workmanship, these pieces generally have a higher price point.

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Blue Sail

This piece is a truly lovely addition to any desk or mantle or bookshelf. The sail is frequently use..


Spire Twist

What a lovely piece! The flame shape symbolizes so many levels of achievement and passion. This awar..



What a unique piece! The entwined shapes speak of unity, possibly in the work place or the community..


Twisted Body

This is a fun piece, kind of juvenile in nature. The soft round features lend this to excellent pres..



This is guaranteed to catch someone's eye and spark a conversation! The overall shape suggests someo..

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