Football Trophies

Football Trophies

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1st Place Trophy

This popular model comes in three sizes and is great for tournaments, picnics or regular league play..


Color Sport Riser Trophy

One of our best sellers, this trophy stands 13 inches tall. It features the action figure of yo..


Participation Trophy - Series 3000 football

This is the perfect award for the beginning player, or for use at family reunions or corporate picni..


Participation Trophy - Series 4000 football

Our least expensive trophy, this is great for the beginner or as an award for reunions or picnics. I..


Pennant Riser Trophy

No football trophy case is complete without one of these! This extremely popular trophy stands ..


SoftSpin Riser Trophy

Geared for a little older crowd, this trophy is still interactive. The ball riser is made of foam an..


SoftSpin Trophy

Very popular with the younger players, these are even interactive. The soft foam ball actually spins..


Sport Theme Riser Trophy

This trophy has it all: the action figure of your choice on a sport riser that depicts all the eleme..


Sports Column Trophy

This is the time-honored line of football participation trophies, and it features a sports theme col..

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