T-Ball Trophies

T-Ball Trophies

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Color Sport Riser Trophy

One of our best sellers, this trophy stands 13 inches tall. It features the action figure of your ch..


Display Glove Trophy

Here is the hand-painted resin glove on a highly polished pedestal base. The trophy stands 7 inches ..


Glove on Ball Riser

Here's a fun way to display your game ball! This trophy stands 9 inches tall. It features a gold..


Participation Trophy - Series 3000 t-ball

These are the perfect award for the beginning players. Each trophy stands 6 inches tall and comes w..


Participation Trophy - Series 4000 GloveH

This is a time honored design that features a goldtoned glove on a marble base. The glove is sized t..


Participation Trophy - Series 4000 gloveR

This is a new version of a time honored design. It features a painted resin glove on a marble base. ..


Wave Trophy - Series 3000

This popular new line stands eight inches tall. It features an acrylic backdrop accentuated with viv..

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