• Marbled Arch Acrylic

      Arch Acrylic – marbled


      These are 3/4-inch thick clear acrylics mounted on slant-front bases.. Each piece features a marbleized facade that has a frosty…

    • Ballpoint Pen with Stylus

      Ballpoint Pen with Stylus


      Metal pens that come with black ink. These pens feature a stylus tip that can be used with any touch…

    • Billboard Acrylic – marbled


      Economical and attractive! These are 3/4-inch thick clear acrylic, with marble design insets, set in solid walnut bases. They come…

    • Crystal Star Acrylic Plaque

      Crystal Star Acrylic Plaque


      Everything about these plaques is eye catching! The high contrast of frosted lettering on black acrylic is surrounded by bright…

    • Wave Trophy - Series 3000

      Football Participation Trophy – wave 3000


      This popular new line stands eight inches tall. It features an acrylic backdrop accentuated with vividly colored foil stripes. With…

    • Galaxy Acrylic Art Plaque

      Galaxy Acrylic Art Plaque


      These items are real eye catchers! The engraving is frosted white through a black diamond-shaped center which is framed by…

    • Gloss Ballpoint Pen

      Gloss Ballpoint Pen


      Metal pens that come with black ink. These makes good promotional items as well as essential office accessories.

    • Latte mug – 14 oz.


      Our Latte Mugs have a distinct shape that is reminiscent of a cup used by a well known coffee company.…

    • LazerMug- coffee mug – 11 oz.


      Our LazerMugs have the traditional design that you love, and are designed to hold 11 ounces of liquid. We call…

    • Marbled Shooting Star Acrylic from Custom Awards

      Marbled Shooting Star Acrylic


      These are free-standing 1-1/4 inch thick acrylic awards. Each piece features a vibrant gold star shooting through a marbleized background…

    • Plaque with Marbled plate

      Oak Plaque with Marbled plate


      This popular line of plaques features a plaque board with a marble-textured brass steel plate. These plaques are available in three board finishes,…

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